IT Management for Small to Medium companies and The Third Sector

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Luma-IT's consultations centre around truly understanding your organisation so that we can match your IT needs to real-world solutions and grow and adapt your technolovy as your business changes.


IT and technology are constantly growing and developing, and we understand that.  As your organisation evolves over time, Luma-IT will ensure that you're up-to-date with the latest hardware, software and service offering that will keep you working at your best.


Luma-IT will keep you operational and be there 24/7 to help and support you if problems arise.  Our team has a wide range of technical experience and expertise to keep your business moving.


There is no better marketing strategy than word of mouth!  Ask our customers how they find their service and they'll happily tell you we work tirelessly to resolve your IT issues - usually on the same day! We've been referred by many of our customers and happily increased our customer base as a result.

Great service is what we excel at.


If your systems and hardware are a bit sluggish and out of date, we can advise on the best replacements for your organisation. We are experienced in Office 365 Migrations making the transitions easy and smooth.  We offer training to your staff to help with the transfer and are here to answer any questions that may arise.  We will have a staff member onsite the first day of switch over to give that one-to-one support sometimes required

Hardware Supply/Leased Equipment

Of course with everything that's improved comes with increased production of your staff and ultimately your business.  We can advise on which computers to upgrade to and even offer a leased computer if your budget is limited.  We work with the third sector and quote for funding applications/bids and deliver on time.

remote support

We know that in this age the average working week is not always sitting in an office in front of a screen.  We have to be able to adapt to the modern way of working to keep you connected.  We can provide remote support for all your computers, no matter where they are.  We connect remotely to your pc and see the problems that you are experiencing and can easily fix them on the spot.

Customers fixed by team viewer access
Unable to fix machine due to faulty hardware

As well as full scale projects, we are also happy to get involved in one-off projects: anything from installing equipment, getting your website up and running or advising on technologies.

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