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Our Minimum Recomendations for Running IT within the Workplace .

Paul Rankin

Paul Rankin (Founder)
Over the past 30 years I have worked with all sorts of computer hardware.  From large mainframes filling rooms, to the latest mobile hardware used within commercial airlines.   We want your business to be secure and your staff to be productive and have a postive experience when using computers.  This is why we have a minimum recomendation below   -  Paul

PC and Laptops

Generally, you get more bang for your buck with desktop computers so if mobility is not an issue then consideration should be made here.  The following is a guide to the minimum hardware specification for the machines that we consider useable within a business environment.  If you have a specific requirement i.e. Video or music production, speak to us first for advice.

  • Processor Intel i5 Gen 10 (minimum)
  • RAM 8 Gb (minimum) but really need 16 Gb !!
  • 240 Gb SSD Hard disk (must)
  • Windows 11 Pro (must)



We get asked a lot for the best laptop to buy.  Laptops are always a compromise in some area – you don’t get ones that have big screens, powerful, long battery, light weight and cheap.  They don’t exist.  As long as the minimum specification above is met then take your pick on the features that are important to you.

We can help you select the one that is right for you.  We typically stick to business grade machines (there is a massive difference to ones designed for the home market).  We usually pick one of these three manufactures – Dell (Latitude), Lenovo (Thinkpad), HP (Elitebook).

At Luma we use Lenovo's Thinkpads.  Ask yourself why? We have decades of experience having probably used every manufacturers machines over the years.

Remember, we don't care where you buy your laptops from.  Just as long as you buy good quality laptops and we will be happy.

cheers  Paul



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