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Remote Support

We provide remote monitoring and support for our customers' computers. This means that we can connect to your PC and see the problems you are experiencing and easily fix them. Get in touch with us if you need help.

Managed Devices

If you are using a PC or Mac that's included in our management, you will see our support icon on your machine. Its an orange L. It includes options to open a support request by text, or by calling us on 01416115085

The icon appears on a PC in the taskbar tray like in the screenshot below. Sometimes, like there, it will be hidden inside an overflow; click the up-arrow to show.

As you can see, you can hover over the icon to see your PC name, and you can click it to get the menu options.

screenshot showing orange L icon on taskbar tray. Menu is shown, and tooltip when hovering over the icon


Status from our cloud suppliers:

TeamViewer alternative

If you are on a device not included in our management, we may ask you to click on one of the the links here to download our alternative remote control program.

As well as full scale projects, we are also happy to get involved in one-off projects: anything from installing equipment, getting your website up and running or advising on technologies.

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